The company's technical expertise includes five major fields of light, machine, electricity, heat and control. The core and unique ability is the optical design and mass production process of the 1.3 m light guide bar. The company's main product is a brand new light guide illumination device, which reduces the light-emitting angle and condenses to the desired partial illumination range. The LEDs can be matched with different color temperatures to quickly modulate the color temperature range required by the customer, acquired with simple design and fast development speed. There is no need to be like LED light panel fixtures which need to put in different color temperature LED panels, which also increases the size of the products. The company's products can keep the size of the product light and thin, suitable for use in the narrow space under the cabinet.


The company currently has 10 patents in mainland China and Taiwan. The four main patents for light guiding products are mainland patents, and there are six other Taiwanese light guiding and non-light guiding patents. The company's products cover the integration of software and hardware technologies to raise the technical threshold and ensure long-term competitiveness. The company's products are advertised as "tangible and colorful", and "tangible" means that the product can be in various shapes such as straight lines, bends, and circles. "Colorful" refers to all kinds of point light sources that can be used for LED and Laser. It can be used for light input on both sides or light on one side. From general warm white and RGB colorful to varying kinds of mixed light, gradual light, and projected light resembles fanning of a peacock's tail. The control portion can be a conventional switch or touch, light sensing or App control. In addition, wifi/Bluetooth can be built into the Internet of Things.